Alex's Story

In May 2018, Alex Lynam was diagnosed with a very rare and highly aggressive form of cancer named NUT Midline Carcinoma and within weeks the disease had taken the sight in his right eye. Alex was hospitalised for a number of weeks and then underwent 7 weeks of intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatment as an outpatient in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. Alex successfully completed his course of treatment on 24th August and he, his family, his girlfriend Jill and his team of doctors were full of hope for his successful recovery. On 14th of September, Alex was readmitted to Beaumont Hospital with extreme pain. It was soon discovered that his disease had spread to his cerebral spinal fluid. Alex died on October 5th 2018 in St. Clare’s Oncology ward in Beaumont Hospital. He was just 24 years of age. Although this cruel illness ended Alex’s life, it by no means will ever define it.

Alex was final year student in DIT, full of hopes and dreams for the future who hoped to pursue a career as a chef. Alex was hilarious, determined, fun loving and adventurous in every sense of the word and he loved music, festivals, fashion. However, most of all Alex was a loving, kind, empathetic and thoughtful young man who, for his young age, already knew that what matters most in life were his relationships with his family, girlfriend and friends.

He always, until the very end, put the needs and feelings of those around him before his own. A true example of selflessness and courage - a shining light to all who knew him...

Our Mission

We, Alex’s family – Mum Joan, Dad Ray and sister Hayley, wish to turn our grief and heartbreak into something positive to remember and honour Alex’s short but meaningful life. We want to do this in the spirit of how Alex lived his life, always thoughtful and mindful of others feelings and wellbeing. We wish to go forward with a campaign to refurbish the day room of St. Clare’s Oncology ward in Beaumont Hospital – a practical but much needed resource which supports patients families and staff 365 days a year. This worn out room becomes the core of families from all over Irelands lives during their loved ones cancer journey. Not only does it serve as the nurses break room, it becomes a place to gather your thoughts, be together as a family for good news and bad, wait while doctors tend to patients, sometimes even eat and sleep. We pledge that 100% of all funds from this campaign will be used to refurbish this well worn room.

‘Alex’s Room’ will give comfort to those on their cancer journey, knowing that their family and loved ones have somewhere comfortable and quiet to retreat to during and extremely turbulent time.

Alex was hilarious, determined, fun loving and adventurous in every sense of the word and he loved music, festivals, fashion.

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